DNA wraps its suite of coveted girls in a scarf from Rby45rpm, gifting clients with a unique keepsake. With Raquel and Karen keeping things iconic and Maryna, Magdalena, Kim Noorda, Denisa and Edita maintaining that rigorous quality control DNA is known for, the high end bookings will certainly be channeled towards that DNA board. High on OTM’s watch list will be possible breakthrough faces such as Sasha, Anzhela, Emma, Irina and Lina. They loom as the next generation.

View the complete list of S/S 09 show packages for New York, London, Milan and Paris here.

  1. Irina is the best! Love you !!! You’ll do great things, I think and hope!

  2. Another FANTASTIC board – Skye, Anne, Magdalena (Go Polska!!), Tara, Taryn..super!!!!
    DNA and Major are by far my favourites so far.
    I hope Ali Michael starts to do more shows again. I felt so bad for her and
    the whole “her thighs are too big” incident. She’s a gorgeous gal. But hey its the industry!!

  3. and of course bombshell – Raquel – definitely DNA’s bluechip model right there!

  4. zuzana, irina, skye, tokumbo…
    it s all very nice, but when u put
    noorda’s show card as a HP cover..no.
    pls better show cards next year DNA for u have
    , not good, but excellent faces!

    karen elson is in DNA? i dint know that.

    i love the fact that she is becoming more present in
    the media again.

  5. i don’t blame doutzen for not caring to be in runway shows.
    she makes too much money for that!

  6. Michaela is it! Skye, Tara & Tokumbo, definitely adore too!! The DNA Board, fabulous simplicity.

  7. ohhhhh i have been waiting now to see tokumbo in show, she is from britian, she is with whynot models and fm models
    she is incredible, check her mother agency website FM models,
    her legs go on for days, she has this something special with a
    black model. flawless

  8. tokumbo is with Frame Models in London. She’s going to be the next naomi campbell! So much more interesting than Jourdan!!

  9. Ther all cute the two that catches my eye is

    1.Taryn Davidson,such a beautifull girl and love her smile.

    2.Tara Gill, she got to 2.Tara Gill, she got to be my favorite i love every thing about this girl i see her every where, she got the whole package she was amazing on fashion files.

    Check her out http://www.squidoo.com/canadamodels

  10. Tara baby your looking hot has ever i would of married you to in a heartbeat :(, Paul you lucky guy :)!!!. exmas.

  11. Tara Gill, is the most stunning girl out there!It’s so nice to see you in photos, keep up the good work!

  12. You are beautifull girl Tara Gill, you pick DNA you did pick the right Agency, Keep doing what you do best, hope to see you on T.V again.

  13. She looking great we are so proud of you specially my mom and dad,hope to see you in Toronto my sexy cussssssssssss

    Happpy New YEAR

  14. tara,gill is one of the most beautiful model in the world her mother must be gorgeous and her father,is one of the luckiest man alive to have a beautiful daughter and a gorgeous wife……WAY TO GO MR GILLA