Introducing Magda Roman

Magda. PH: Marcin Tyszka courtesy of D’vision for Poland’s Next Top Model

Meet Magda Roman, the winner of the challenge on the most recent episode of Poland’s Next Top Model . The grand prize  for Magda’s endeavor was a debut appearance on MDC and with a girl this striking such an unveiling was an absolute pleasure. Watch for future updates on  this amazing new face. 

  1. In the program I don’t like Magda. But on her fotos I see beautiful, sexy and realy interesting woman! Gratulations.

  2. Super Magdo słusznie postąpiłaś że się nie zgodziłaś na rozbieraną sesje powodzenia ! Troszkę mi Cię szkoda że odpadłaś !! Buziaki przesyła Sławek!!

  3. I ♥ Magda Roman.!

    <33 Ty jesteś piękna, a ci co piszą, że jesteś brzydka to sami są brzydcy.!
    Wkurzają mnie takie teksty np. " O fu ale paskuda to ma być niby modelka.
    Zobaczcie na jej zdjęcia na top model.
    Fuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!! "

    Na jest Piękna, a i darujcie se te angielskie komy <33 :*

  4. You are beautiful, but to me the prettiest girl in Top Model is Anne Bałon because it is nice and shows that someone is shy, and so it can succeed. And if you went alone to this program, you know that you’ll have to undress. It does not matter, and so cool that you got a profile on this page: D

  5. She’s really beautiful, (great hair) not so unique as she indeed looks like Lara Stone, but why not have two Lara Stones ? :-)Especially now when Lara S. has been working less recently.

  6. wedlug mnie Magda nie jest najladniejsza z tych wszystkich dziewczyn ale ma szanse na zrobienie kariery …wedlug mnie najladniejsza byla dorota trojanowska !

  7. Magda jestes piekna kobietą…na zdjeciach wychodzisz jak profesjonalistka…pozdrowienia z Leborka:)jestesmy dumni:)

  8. Do you really want to lose your chance????
    Keep trying!!!!
    You have a profile on this website so go and fight!!!!
    I will count on you!
    xoxo Gossip Girl

  9. Pikus lives to have his way . (what he lables as) objects ;(…what a, “STOP SIGN”, that man is!!!…always will be

  10. i think that she’s good model .
    but she must know that the naked sessions are also part of the modeling profession.

    sorry for pains , i’m don’t speaking english .

  11. magda you are very interesting! I think so you can be a face of Chanel or Versace etc.gratulations!

  12. She’s amazing in this photo <3
    I like she, and i think she's very similar to Claudia Schiffer :D