Top 10 Newcomers SS12: Laura K

Laura Kampman. Image courtesy of New York Model Management

Overlapping exclusives… maybe that’s what it takes in a glutted market to capture that blue chip attention. Laura Kampman in her debut season landed a Calvin exclusive in NY and a Balenciaga exclusive in Europe thus making this girl instantly coveted. Another thing Laura K proves is that Holland continues to be a deep market for breaking faces and yet Laura’s very unique features signals she’ll be far more than a trend.

  1. On the runway I wasn’t so impressed with her – but that can be improved! Posture and confidence really do wonders, but in print she is glorious

  2. Other great Dutch new faces:
    Romee Strijd (Christopher Kane, Prada, Jil Sander, Balmain, YSL, LV)
    Marte Mei van Haaster (Prada excl, Balenciaga, Givenchy, YSL, Celine, Miu Miu)
    Plus with other newcomers i think they deserve the spot more than Laura (or Maria for that matter). But maybe you guys have inside info about some printwork.
    I like her but she’s nothing special especially in this season flooded with amazing newcomers.

  3. I Love Laura’s Face. It is the type that is filled with emotion, but can hide it and when it shows, it will be a Glorious Sight to see.
    She is GORGEOUS!!!!!

  4. top 10? I dont think so. she’s still wearing braces
    there were much more impressive newcomers this season

  5. Exclusives are great and CK and Balenciaga are the bluest of the blue chips but those two campaigns by itself does not warrant a top 10 newcomer billing. I’ll take a girl who booked a slew of shows including some blue chips on a non-exclusive basis any day.

  6. THANK U ANASTASIA….JOSEFIEN IS THE REAL DEAL.she only did resorts before and she should b on top of the list

  7. 16yrs old super exclusive showing for several reasons people outside the industry will not understand equals quality management. I’ll put money on the fact that Laura has several major bookings already confirmed to follow this up. Wayne doesn’t just put pictures on a wall and through darts at them to see who goes on Top 10. Give him a little more credit than that.

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