1. I do not understand why you guys try so hard to
    make her look good! Seriously is someone paying
    you guys or paying for her to be a top model?

  2. “I do not understand why you guys try so hard to
    make her look good! Seriously is someone paying
    you guys or paying for her to be a top model?”

    To Alex who wrote the above:
    No one is “paying” us to make her look good. There is a lot of
    buzz happening right now as all her editorials come out.
    Magazines like W (above), Italian Vogue, Numero and countless
    others can shoot ANYONE they want and they CHOSE Abbey. She
    obviously has that “x” factor where these top magazines and
    top photographers want to work with her. It’s not always
    about the classical pretty face, the clients want to work
    with someone that will bring an exciting edge to the clothes.


  3. her natural hippie style works best on her,
    but i don’t know with this pic. i think she
    looks better with messy hair and confident
    androgynous pose. she is a mixture of kate
    moss, mary kate olsen and lara stone features,
    but look, she is blazin’ gorgeous. her face is
    perfect for modelling. she’s the next big thing
    in the world of fashion.

  4. Great shoot, bad model. I am a major fashion photographer here in NYC and I would not book
    Abby. She got lucky last show season. I had my people try
    to push her on me but she does not have that X factor at all Betty. I give her 2 more seasons
    and we will ask what every happen to that hippie girl? what was her name again?

  5. This girl is gorgeous! Look at her body! And her face is really
    pure. I think she’s the best model for this add!

  6. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for contributing, we always welcome positive AND
    negative comments as long as people have something intelligent
    to add to the discussion, which you do.
    Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion, you and
    me included. When I say X factor, I feel there are various
    levels. There’s X factor on the top level of the Marilyn Monroes,
    Grace Kellys, JFKs, Muhammad Alis. Then below that, for me,
    there’s the supermodel X factor like the Kates, Naomis, Giseles.
    I’m not talking about any of those X factors here….
    I know you think Abbey became lucky this past season, but with
    the amount of new girls that emerge each season, something
    happened where are all these (other) major photogs and magazines
    decided to use her and not the other new girls.

    Will it translate into a longterm career? Time will only tell.

    For me, I always wish a new model well and hope they have as
    long a career as they want. I haven’t personally liked some
    of the big models that have had their “moment”, but perhaps being an
    ex-booker makes me always more biased in favor of the model
    than the public.


  7. Betty, I am with you completely!
    I have followed Abbey since her Girlfriend days. I believe that she is a is a breath of fresh air in the industry and I think she fits all genres :
    be it hippie or futuristic.
    I wish her the best of luck :)

  8. Go Betty ,,,sad to see people so passionate over a great girl
    with a great persona ,,,sad that success is translated into
    “conspiarcy theories” , Abbey will be around forever because at
    the end of the day she doesnt care about others opinions ,,WORK
    IT ABBEY LEE ,,,,cant keep a cool girl down.!!!!!

  9. Abbey is a qualified model, but as Tim Gunn would say, this shoot doesn’t work. I’m just not feeling it. She did not own this shoot. We would have suggested a more seasoned model to tell a more convinving story.

  10. Mark shut the f*** up with your useless s**t. Abby is an amazing
    girl. Do you think she even cares what your opinion is?
    No she doesn’t, this girl will go far. I mean look at her, she
    has a supermodel face.

    *edited by MDC for certain words*

  11. She’s this season’s Jennifer Pugh .I’d book her .She’s a different take on beauty . Change

  12. i have known abbey for some time and have always thought she suited the hippie look so much better, but i do feel this ed has proved me wrong. i dont think she pulls it off any less than elsa. the second to last photo esp doesnt look out of place at all to me. i can understand marks point of view, but i also feel that she does have that something special even if i dont always get how she became so big. (but i think thats because after so many years of knowing her, she doesnt wow me anymore)

  13. Mark your making some pretty horrible assumptions mate? You seem to have a fair bit of hatred and self obsession built up, perhaps you should get horrizontal and talk to somebody about your issues?
    To announce that your “one of the biggest” in NYC suggests that your into yourself?
    Abbey is no doubt both a beautiful and an amazing unique individual. The reason she has gotten to the place she’s at is because she does have that X Factor and people in the “real world” see that in her. Good luck with your therapy Mark.
    Abbey you ROCK BABY, keep making Australia proud!

  14. I modeled with Abbey in New Zealand when she was here a few years ago. She was such a nice person and had an incredible signature walk. Glad to see she is doing well. I also loved that she wasn’t tiny, skinny but defiantly healthy!

  15. i also modeled with abbey in new zealand the same year as anna and thought she was amazing and had a distinct presence about her. She’s so down to earth and i find that her look will pull off most looks, she’s just overall beautiful!

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