1. The only real standout in New York this season. Not a big fan myself, but I get her appeal and she couldn’t be off to a more impressive start. I’m sure she’ll fare better than all of the billion bland Calvin exclusives.

  2. i some way she reminds me of gisele you know? her face… i think she may have that supermodel quality too

  3. She is indeed gorgeous. The juxtaposiiton of her high cheek bones and her ears makes for a domineering face. Not to mention that pout and those eyes.

    Another stellar standout for me..and probably my favorite was Kate King.

  4. she isnt the typcial type that I would be fond of but when I saw her at alexander wang she totally impressed me! her face looks striking on the runways!

  5. Seemed such a great person backstage, natural girl – and gets good push from the fact that Iselin Steiro is doing her best career. She’s sharing the features of the norwegian top model nobody ever talks about. :)

  6. like a young version of Kylie Bax. love her bone structure and pout. had a chance to see the entire set of snaps and she just look amazing. 2 bad that you didnt post them here.

  7. Definitely the best new face, look how all her facial features are like perfectly aligned: her nose, mouth, eyes, ears, cheekbones. Sort of like Alana Zimmer, one of those faces that are so perfect that seem as if they were made on a computer.

  8. Juju Ivanyuk has been popping up everywhere! Not sure if she’s a newcomer though but i’m thinking this is breakthrough season for her. Looking forward to seeing how Aussies Annaliese Smith and Dempsey Stewart go in Europe.

  9. I want to see Dempsey Stewart, Marike Le Roux, Zuzanna Bijoch, Ajak Zeng and Alana Zimmer!

  10. She looks more than 17,the first time i saw her i thought she was of Anja and Natasha’s generation !
    She has the best walk of the moment, see her on Ferré winter fall 2011 & No.21 ss2012 : just STUNNING

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