Natalia Overdrive


Natalia V/Viva Model Management, DNA Models, Why Not Model Management. Photo: Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia. Pics courtesy of Viva Paris.

Look to the left, look to the right, it’s a Natalia fest in every which direction. With three covers running concurrently on the stands right this second Miss V is very much iconic in the industry. Viva the new generation!


Photo: Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia, Apr 08


Photo: for Numero Tokyo, April 08


Photo: for British Vogue, May 08


Photo: Mario Testino for British Vogue, May 08

  1. This our Russian Star Natasha Vodjanova!!!!!!
    I very much am proud that I represent in the region agency
    Grace models
    Which have helped to begin this very beautiful
    Professional career!!!!!!!!
    All Russian girls dream to become same She!!!
    It magnificent!
    It super!

  2. I don’t know why but Natalia made such a huge
    impact on my life…I even have dreams about her.
    She’s lovely, and lucky to work wit great photographers
    that can create together with her such amazing images!
    Trust me, it’s not just her, it’s all the composition
    of a picture, but she somehow always creates this wonderful
    mood that suits every pic she’s on.
    I wish I could have a job like her, to create such amazing
    images, but the only problem is I’m too short :(

  3. ↑Me too, I think she is so lucky….:(

    Her pictures show that she is the best…
    I can’t describe her fascination,
    But I know that her charm is so lovely.

    personally, I do like last picture.
    How beautiful…

  4. Gorgeous, I envy the way she has so much talent in her eyes. She is an icon to me, glad to see the collection of pictures from her here.

  5. She’s very beatiful and so gorgeous. I love her so much. Cant help but search and view her pictures on the internet and specially during her cat walk in Fashin tv…NATALIA RULEZZZZZ….! KEEP IT UP GURL….

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