1. omg…….dafne is the best model this year so far ……in photos she look from out the space

  2. Amazing!!
    Antonella’s first photo it’s amazing, she has to get more bookings this season!!
    Also amazing are the photos of Dafne, Hanne, Valerija, Ming, Olivia, Carrie Anne, Julia, Crystal and Tao. But I didn’t like Rose’s photo, I can barely see he face and she got to much fabric on her. And I’m very excited to see how many shows Sofia will book.

  3. @Chic Happens
    They don’t show all the girls just the most inporatant or the models who they think they have the chance to become stars, I tell you because there is a model who is with Ford but she is not here even though she will do new york fashion week

  4. Oh my God, Anais is gorgeous. Her second picture reminds me of Cristo Redentor a lot.

  5. Great group of women!

    Is Crystal really still considered plus-size at a size 6?

  6. Where is Charlene Almarvez and the ford supermodel winner Danica Magpantay? I was hoping to see beautiful tan south east asian beauties on the runway. I am kinda tired of seeing pale east asian girls. Anyways, Ford still made an excellent job with this show package! Good luck to all the girls!!!!!

  7. Love it mi favorite ones Hanne, Sofia, Irina & Anne Sophie, Crystal Renn lost so much weight but she is gorgeous anyways

  8. So much talent being reeled in by some awesome agents, such a wonderful thing to witness!

  9. Although the beauty of someone like Anne Sophie shines through, I have to admit I am not crazy about this package. Why do they have to be so outlandish in their photographs?

  10. Different. I like this package. It sure makes up for the last season package. Nice job guys. Love that Anna J.
    Lucky Ford :-)