1. i absolutely love chad white. i’m a bit unsure about the new hairstyle. he looks amazing but at the same time i feel he now “looks” like every other standard male model. with the shorter hair, he stood out. maybe it just needs to grow on me. he still looks amazing and i hope he keeps on being the amazing model that he is.

  2. Wow it’s really nice to have him back, it’s been a while, I hope he’ll still be booked as much as he did, because in the modeling industry there are sooooo many newbies every season so when you’re leaving it can be hard coming back; but I’m sure Chad will do great once again. Can’t wait to see him on covers, because he did campaigns these last years even though he didn’t do runway. So let’s see :)

  3. Is it really necessary for photogs. to show the pubes to that extent? It gets really TIRED to see photos where models try to out-sex one another to the degree of tackiness. Sexy is good but only to a point. It then becomes tacky.

  4. Chad has Hair!!!! One of my favorite models, Wonder why he does not appear in the Milan Shows anymore….???

  5. Chad’s back! He’s always shirtless/naked in all his pics, but he’s sexy as hell.

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