Raf Simons S/S 11 casting

Raf Simons S/S 11 casting video by Pierre Debusschere

What better time to appreciate male models than right at the start of men’s fashion week? All the most buzzed about boys are front and center in Pierre Debusschere’s video of Raf Simons’ S/S 11 casting. With a focus on unairbrushed reality and a serene mood Debusschere presents a raw vision of male beauty.

  1. is this last’s season’s cast? or the upcoming cast? FW11?
    confused why it’s being posted now?

  2. Adam,
    It is last season’s casting video by them. They chose to just release it now and we wanted to share in the excitement of the beautiful young men since many of the same will be appearing this week.


  3. funny how some of these boys have really bad skin. Microdermabrasion and sunscreen every once in a while would help those boiling hormones not make pimples and spots pop out like that!

  4. @Gustavo, most of them are teenagers after all.. and I bet many of them eat fast food which is pretty unhealthy for your skin, like I used to do. Oh if we only knew in our teens what we know later in life :)

    I for one loved this video as it’s SUCH a refreshing thing to see Pores! Beauty Marks! Little imperfections! The state of magazine covers/campaigns and editorials frightens me with their waxen, mannequin faces staring out.

    This video shows that these young men are human yet still so absolutely beautiful and I love it!


  5. i completely agree with Betty i mean, on the internet it’s often said that you have to have a perfect skin to become a model and people’s dreams would be ruined if they didn’t know models also don’t necessarily have a perfect skin.

    or something like that if you know what i mean :P

  6. @Gustavo, Gustavo, I’m getting really tired of your silly, bitchy comments. This notion of “perfect skin” is utterly specious, skin isn’t perfect, its very structure and purpose is the antithesis of perfection. Make up, post production gives this unrealistic notion of perfection or unreality, it isn’t. Male skin more than female is more rugged, more prone to dryness, oiliness, imperfection and blemishes.

    Beauty isn’t about perfection, it’s a sum total of imperfections which make a striking or unnusual whole. Moreover, even a model with the most “perfect” complexion would struggle under such a full on close scrutiny of the video camera pointed directly at the face with harsh lighting.

  7. Good work, não estou me sentindo feio, pensei que algumas coisas relacionadas a pele, só aconteciam com garotos “normais”. E o resultado ficou ótimo e sensual.

  8. I agree with basically everything Sam Way said

    They ARE beautiful, with or without imperfections