Cool Hand Luke


Luke/Public Image Worldwide, D1 (London). Photo for Topman via 100 male Models

Glimpsed last season by MDC backstage at Marc by Marc, Luke Worrell‘s currently having quite a moment with only boy edits in V with Stam and W with Hilary Swank. OTM (and the clients!) loves his singular British look and style. With campaigns for Marc by Marc and Topman hitting the stands and here in NY for shows, look for Luke’s chart to gain even more massive momentum.


Photo: Steven Klein for V51. Stylist: Panos Yiananos. Image courtesy of Public Image Worldwide

  1. the photo by steve klein is simply amazing.
    I love luke in this pic.
    whith that air is truley cool!

  2. Il est vraiment très beau, son visage est parfait.

    It is really very nice, the face is perfect.

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