Top 10 Newcomer SS11: (Bonus) Bambi (Elite)

Bambi Northwood Blyth. Ph: Bec Parsons, image courtesy of Elite.

Aussie beauty Bambi Northwood-Blythe, after a quiet opening in New York City, opened up into a European season highlighted by Balenciaga and Chanel. In a season flooded with runway filler, Bambi’s unique looks and lighthearted spirit has truly marked her as a newcomer with life past a first runway season. Here’s the proof that editorial and advertising clients are focused on finding those new faces with maximum personality and presence.

  1. How do you mean i a season with runway fillers? There were a lot of cool new girls so i dunno what you’re talking about.

  2. Agreed.

    And also, she is pretty but nothing spectacular different. All new models these days are just mere copies.

  3. I think there was a lot of filler this season and a lot of filler for the past few seasons – maybe even the past few years. So many girls walk shows and fall off the face of the earth… There aren’t that many girls who really stand out, many with great figures who are pretty and many who walked a lot of shows, but few who I can really think of that are different. I think Bambi has a great look, very different even though there are the comparisons to Hilary Rhoda. I think the giant eyebrows and her babyfaced features are a good combo. She definitely stood out for me this season.

  4. will a gorgeous face and a unique personality be enough to counter her fewer runway appearances (because of short stature and one of the worst walks ever seen? more lessons please.) guess we’ll have to see which of the top photographers will put her on rotation. if richard can make a success story out of hannah then it’s entirely possible.

  5. bambi….is a star….her face is for a movie …..i love this girl …..but where is naomi….naomi preizler is a newcomer …..she is my favorite girl of this season

  6. she definetly takes our breath away! the emphasis is on the face and not on the height-that is why she stood out this season as something completely fresh and new. bambi is personification of sexiness and “girl next door”.

  7. Bambi is way beyond a one in a million and truly stands out with grace and power. She will go super far. A beautiful and rare new face with many great looks to her.

  8. it’s weird Bambi has been added when a Parisian breakthrough like Juju ivanyuk is forgotten

  9. she’s different because she is SHORT. she’s only 5’6 or 5’7, so for her to be getting so much attention and doing so well is really special.

  10. @bloodycloud – agree with you about juju ivanyuk. opening celine and mcqueen (and doing miumiu) in paris puts her high up there. also consider that 2 of these 3 are russell marsh shows.

    of course like of most these “newcomers” she’s been around for years but she has grown into her look beautifully. maybe the look is too quietly elegant? or is it the lack of a power agent push behind her?

  11. She is everywhere in Australia. Yeah, I heard that she is short but she has an unique face.

  12. Love her look. simplistic and natural. But i agree that there are so many girls who look the same, and even when the fashion industry comes across someone unique, everyone starts copying and changing themselves (i.e. gap tooth)

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