Top 10 Newcomer SS11: Maddie (Elite)

Maddie Kulicka (Elite) Image courtesy of Elite NY

This 16 year old Polish beauty set the modeling world on notice this SS11 season with her stand-out personal style and  her elegant walk as seen at  Ralph Lauren, Jil Sander, Celine, Dior, Lanvin, YSL and Miu Miu. More importantly Maddie’s effervescent personality put her on the radar with a circle of those modelmakers who love a girl with taste and presence. Many a girl may pound runways aplenty but few can bring to the set the  promise that Maddie beams.

  1. She’s great. I love her. One of the best newcomers.
    Can’t wait to see her Sonia Rykiel campaign/

  2. Looove Maddie. I’m excited for her Sonia Rykiel campaign as well. I really think she’s going to go far.

  3. Out of all the great newcomers this season, I do not see anything special about Maddie. I was expecting someone like Bo Don or Anaiis Mali, but good for her. I think she will only last a few seasons……maybe she will prove me wrong.

  4. She really seems like she will go Anastasia Kuznetsova’s route (e.g. Runway filler and not much else), but I really love Maddie and hope it’s not the case!

  5. Josh: “only last a few seasons”..? that’s a lot today.
    “maybe she will prove me wrong”.., who the hell (actually wanted to use another word here) are you to say something like that.
    only if you’re Josh Olins, ..that is what coming to my mind now..
    hell no, even then you’re not allowed to say something like that.

    she walked Ralph Lauren, Jil Sander, Celine, Dior, Lanvin, YSL and Miu Miu,..that a pretty good start, dude!!! she must have an amazing character and at least something to get allowed walking for these visionairs.

    remember a girl this young will have a look online when she is featured on and she reads this lame comment.

    so choose your words carefully next time.

    well done, Maddy!!

  6. Hi everyone,its actually me, Maddie here…
    Thanks Radouane and everyone else for a good word.I do read those things and I do fallow your comments…
    And it keeps me going when I see those positiv words, I feel that Im in the right place ,which is fashion world( and it isnt for everyone) . But hell yes,your right,modeling is full of also bad words and negativ people that I have to deal with,but its all right.Thats life!
    Some people like me some dont, some even hate!However, I do belive that what I am doing its worth it anyways :)

  7. Wow, thats epic, RadouaneMaddie.
    First of all, Josh can say whatever he wants, no need to paternalise him, thats even more childish Radouane!!
    Second, for Maddie to make it this far, Im sure she heard things way worse and still emerges as a top newcomer.
    Maddie you made a breathtaking impression on me and several others, you definitely deserved this spot. I kept my fingers crossed to see you up here filling a slot. Keep working it girl. But remember, it’s only fashion and it will only be temporary. Reading your comment; I have complete faith in you, go git it girl and have fun along the way!
    Oh and Josh, yes, Im kind of rooting for Bo Don up here as well.

  8. Well done, maddy!
    wishing you strength, peace & serenity.

    anastasia: thanks for your comment,.. am taking it on the chin ;) poef.
    peace 2 u as well ;D

  9. Definetely, top newcomer! Love the innocent face with the strength and intelligence coming from the eyes! Madgalena makes me feel proud of being Polish! Love.

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