Top 10 Newcomer SS11: Hailey (Marilyn)

Hailey : Polaroid courtesy of Marilyn NY

Hailey Clauson‘s  debut season yielded such sensational results for this fresh-faced American girl  her future editorial and campaign prospects should be red hot at this point. After walking the walk for the highly selective likes of  Calvin Klein , Gucci ,Versace, Lanvin, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Miu Miu Hailey looms large as a girl with the possibility for longevity. And isn’t that the ultimate point of the runway sweepstakes?

  1. i dont know jola, Hailey’s personality kicks the crap outa Julias (sorry Julia!) i still love you

  2. One of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen!! She’s going to be a star…

  3. amazing personality amazing smile amazing body a little young but seriously excited to start seeing this girl WORK! i also see a possible victorias secret in her future maybe when shes older!

  4. classic beauty. something about her remindes me on establish girls like doutzen or erin. her presence. just amazing.

  5. There’s a some magic in her eyes. Love the mouth as well. She’s a coming queen! LOVE.

  6. Everyones been wondering where Hailey’s been for awhile and I see shes now managed by Lisa Phillips, which is the same mother agent for DNA’s Cait Driscoll i just saw bc i love her too! I can’t wait to see who shes going to go with in NY for her comeback! We miss hailey!!!!

  7. I know!! Where is hailey Clauson! I have been waiting for her comeback and I can feel its getting close. She is ervyones favorite supermodel and really the only American model to take Karlies places, i believe. I am sure this time shes not messing around

  8. Yeah shes not on any womens board right now in New York. I feel something HUGE brewing for Hailey, I can’t wait to see too

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