Marilyn Agency S/S 11 Show package comes with a delightfully delicate design that’s a perfect foil for its stable of iconic faces and newest sensations. Marilyn Gauthier’s legendary eye for repping the classic beauty with a twist is in full effect here with Adriana, Coco, Eva, LilyLindsey, Liu, Naomi and Stella available for those special blue chip designers. Balance that with the sensational rising stars Ashley Smith, Bo Don and Emily DiDonato and what you get is indeed the pot of gold at the end of the fashion week rainbow.

  1. I agree with saffwan: I was excited to see Julia Stegner with a showcard and I really hope to see her on the catwalks.

  2. The best card of the season for sure. Marilyn is the best image of Paris.

  3. How could they misspell Tanya Dziahileva’s name!! She hasn’t done a single show this season, that sucks! I love that girl!