1. OMG Look at that new headshot on Milou sluis.

    This girl is going to be HUGE!!!!!

    Do yourself a favour and just look at her headshot.


  2. Hanna Samokhina like she just walked out of a fairy tale…. What a special beauty

  3. Lisanne! She’s everywhere and has a lot of editorial work coming out lately.

    Omg Milou looks flawless indeed. Wouldn’t her look be perfect for Prada (opening), mister Marsh?

  4. @ Anlabe…: My dear I could not agree more. !!!!!!!!
    Im happy you took the time to check her out. :)
    Wishing you a great day.

    And yes,…Lisanne is rocking it.
    Calvin klein,…and opening Burberry.
    Her tearsheets are amazing.
    Have you seen her Wonderland story about Versus???
    HOT/ BREATHTAKING.!!!!!!!!

  5. I think Milou needs more editorial pictures. I think the pictures on her fashion spot are too sexy.
    How come I haven’t seen her walking in New York?

    I love Luisa! She opened marc jacobs! hope she does well in Milan