1. they wrote wrong the last name of patricia, it’s van der vliet, not vliets!!!
    these are all the models???

  2. I hoped to see Isabella Lindblom (it will be for Paris)… but ok: Lia Serge + Lisa Bommerson = “me somehow happy”! :)
    About Hanna and Patricia, well, I don’t even have to cite them…
    PS and ok, once I underline I already know Julija Steponaviciute will do well for sure… the day I’ll be totally convinced by her, I guess world will collapse… or Cubs will win World Series, just the same after all… hehe *_*’


  3. alessandra already rocks HF.. i’m really want to see selita ebanks to rocks the runway, and also a splash from charlotte kemp muhl on the catwalk stage.