IMG Milano S/S 11 Show package

Perhaps the final piece of the puzzle as to how to consolidate IMG as a global powerhouse was Milan. As this SS11 show package amply telegraphs, in a few short seasons IMG Milan has become home to some of the most requested models on the runway market ranging from the red hot Freja to the increasingly essential Jac, Joan and Frida. Theres, fresh off a Calvin exclusive in New York should loom as a most coveted girl in Milan even as last season’s Prada opener, Samantha rockets into that city as a rising star to book. Momentum is everything in maintaining a model’s career these days and all four office of IMG have clearly established themselves as a defining market leader at that feat.

  1. Once I say I won’t repeat how much I love Basia… I take the occasion to say Barbara looked great too (in a different way, that’s for sure) in these FW days. Even in new Muse, and… yep, with her I have a lot of “ups” and “downs”, but right now – certainly “up”.
    For the record: what about “miss Borowska”? at the moment I’m not a huge fan of her on the runway, but I’d honestly like to be someday, ’cause despite not “born on a runway” like compatriots Monika and Basia imo she has good potentialities… but if she hasn’t chances to improve (and show something more)… well: such a pity.
    PS you see, I didn’t repeat how much I love Basia… even if I guess I somehow did – and at least twice! hehe ;)

  2. on another note, Sasha P was previously listed as being 5’8″, but now she’s 5’9″. With her status as an it girl having long been established, there’s no needing to embellish her stats.

  3. I was expecting much more from such a powerhouse like IMG….It’s not the package they used to have…sich

  4. Theres is fantastic !! she is the new Gemma Ward …it’s been a long time since a girl with looks like that has come around . Loved to see her a CK yesterday .

  5. Theres is phenomenal!! An elegant, alien beauty..rare.
    She was discovered by the same scout that discovered Morgane Dubled, Simone Chafik-back in 2006.
    She was on holidays with her family in NYC-but was still in school and was placed with Stockholms Gruppen to develop at home.