1. Once I say I won’t repeat how much I love Basia… I take the occasion to say Barbara looked great too (in a different way, that’s for sure) in these FW days. Even in new Muse, and… yep, with her I have a lot of “ups” and “downs”, but right now – certainly “up”.
    For the record: what about “miss Borowska”? at the moment I’m not a huge fan of her on the runway, but I’d honestly like to be someday, ’cause despite not “born on a runway” like compatriots Monika and Basia imo she has good potentialities… but if she hasn’t chances to improve (and show something more)… well: such a pity.
    PS you see, I didn’t repeat how much I love Basia… even if I guess I somehow did – and at least twice! hehe ;)


  2. on another note, Sasha P was previously listed as being 5’8″, but now she’s 5’9″. With her status as an it girl having long been established, there’s no needing to embellish her stats.

  3. I was expecting much more from such a powerhouse like IMG….It’s not the package they used to have…sich

  4. Theres is fantastic !! she is the new Gemma Ward …it’s been a long time since a girl with looks like that has come around . Loved to see her a CK yesterday .

  5. Theres is phenomenal!! An elegant, alien beauty..rare.
    She was discovered by the same scout that discovered Morgane Dubled, Simone Chafik-back in 2006.
    She was on holidays with her family in NYC-but was still in school and was placed with Stockholms Gruppen to develop at home.