Supreme Management S/S 11 Show package

The new team at Supreme was handed, earlier this year an abrupt and challenging task, which was to re-imagine one of the most extremely creative brands in modeling. Their response to that challenge in the form of their debut show package is to proceed with a great dignity and a beautifully filtered taste-point that does more than just start from scratch. It starts from scratch with a quiet confidence and also a rare thing in this driven business: good manners. And therein lies their first success. From the new Supreme stars like Jacquelyn Jablonski through to rising forces like Nina Porter, Ieva, Bregje and Amanda Noorgard all these girls are presented as delicately beautiful young girls touched by a classical note. Already models like Kel, Yulia and Ilva look exactly like the kind of breakthrough talent New York will subscribe to heavily. Congratulations are in order to Ceft and Company New York, the house behind the package’s Creative Direction. They have managed to align Supreme’s accessible new taste point in girls with an elegant presentation that embosses the agency’s name in silver on white card stock. The whole affair is impeccably printed and in addition to being environmentally sound, there is a certain grace to what Supreme is expressing here. At the end of the review the summary “thumbnails” of each girl’s image is a simple “thank you” to bring the offering to conclusion. “Thank you ” is such a simple to say but when it is said sincerely there is no idea in the service industry that is more important or moving . The grace and dignity expressed here, both visually and spiritually, is what is going to ensure respect for Supreme SS11 from the fashion community for a job executed with amazing sensitivity and fortitude. When these girls walk into their SS11 casting this is the code of elegance they will carry with them.

  1. Where’s Chanel Iman? That’s there biggest star… Something is wrong!

  2. Where is Dioni? She just did an awesome ed in Vogue Italia, and she has always been part of the show packages when she was still with Women NY… I miss her!

  3. Were is Chanel Iman?????????????????????????????????????

    I do not think VS has anything to do with it.
    Allesandra ambrosio is also doing shows,…she is a VS girl.

  4. Gorgeous,beautiful pictures,great editing. It’s clean,clear and delivers what it (a show package) is meant to be. You can see the models clearly without stupid distractions. All the girls are now and not a mish mash of older ones hoping for that elusive runway comeback and thrown loosely in with a bunch of one hit wonder new faces..or dreadful new faces as we have seen from other stores. It works and looks impressive. Ich say Zwei thumbs up! Well done Supreme!

  5. What a great show package!!!!
    Shows true elegance, and what a show package should be.
    Love Kasia, Ilva, and of course Jacquelyn. Great get with Olga,
    who was Givenchy exclusive last season. Go Supreme!

  6. Chrishell Stubbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Go Sheila go I like so much this model and your showxar Ihope this season Sheila walking a lot of show She is very stunning

  8. Adriana, Ana Beatriz, Alessandra, and even Rosie have showcards, but not Chanel

  9. All for Lakshmi. Chanel better be doing some big advertisement or something to not be put in this show package!

  10. Little rumor has it that Chanel Iman jumped ship to IMG….
    but you did not hear from me… ;-)

    ps. might be a good choice…

  11. Incredible roster! Looking better than ever. The models are strong and the package is clean. Supreme is Supreme!

  12. I love the amazing redhead / blond girl Michelle, she is on FDIB with some amazing pictures made in NY last week I quess.
    Hope she pops up strong

  13. Chrishell is so, so, so BEAUTIFUL. I hope she does really well this season.

  14. Chrishell has also an amazing personality!! at this point it also matters the models’ PERSONALITY very much!! no rude models allowed

  15. I’m a bit confused by this pack.

    You can see all the girls faces?

    They all look pretty??

    It’s entirely simple and unpretentious???

    This is Supreme, right?

  16. @ luc: I think Ieva a little bit looks like Kim Noorda, especially her lips

    Georgina <3