When the show package from the strongest agency in NY hits OTM’s desk, it did so with a heavy metallic thud. Maybe that’s because it came in a metal box stocked with the heavyweights of the trade from Sasha to Stam to Hilary. But, what is even more impressive is the power of the new IMG guard led by Irina K and Anabela, girls who are sure to be coveted and most wanted. Also, flashing impending blue chip status is Kinga, Serafima, Kori, Vivianne Orth, Diana Moldovan, Chelsea, Courtney, Cindy, Emma and Heidi Mount. You know there’s a surefire Top 10 Newcomer or two lurking in this circle. Stay tuned for the evidence!

  1. ok annebella u can shut up there im thinner than her and i hate it id like to put weight on but cant .How do you no shes not naturally like htat like i am dont critisize ppl .Shes stunning your probably overwieght and jealous !!!!!!!!!

  2. ok guys, anabela you are way too critical! and elle i agree with you shes is naturally gorgeous and stunning!