1. NIce.. lots of unique faces and selection! Nana reminds me of Grace Johns… she is so beautiful

  2. Aleks is a model I’m not mad about, but I have to admit she’s solid and reliable for sure – no doubts about her.
    I’m curious about Hollei (Graves) and Dani (Ludquist), ’cause I have to admit I noticed them only lately and… I’m just curious to see how they’ll book – and see them on the runway after the little I already saw.


  3. Great batch of girls!

    Wonderful possibly to have Emina back on the runway for a full season.
    It has been inappropriately devoid her liquid lines.

    Ediley looks very interesting…she has that next-gen punch ala 2001 – sorta like Elise Crombez.

    Shena is a Goddess, Georgie is dynamite.

    Also great to see Patricia Shmidt back with her menacing beauty fully intact and advanced.

  4. Shena will dominate the runways this season. I think the fashion industry is finally realizing that black is beautiful, and I think there will be about five black girls on most runway shows.

  5. Shena, ,Sosheba and Orneila look amazing…represent for Jamaica….love the eternally gorgeous Georgie…and Izzy is intriguing….Cool package MUSE…All the best