The Next Comeback: Solange!


Ah Solange, that beautiful young Brazilian  girl who so quickly rocketed through the industry to land Gucci campaigns and blue chip editorials aplenty . Well that girl is a woman now and the crackle we are picking up reads “comeback”. Those lines are too rare!

  1. still my favorite too
    she keeps getting better day by day
    that`s my girl! Soul-ange, u gotta the power!

  2. I hope the people who booked her when she was 14 yrs old book her again it would be pretty sick if they didnt she a beautiful woman i saw her in grocery store and she look so beautiful

  3. Welcome back indeed. I would’ve never guess that this was her.. lookin’ all native and such.

    Seems like this Prada top is up for some major camera time.
    Now I want it.

  4. wow… she looks just like african woman in this photo, great!! welcome back solange!