1. yehey! Charlene will go to Paris!! Bonne Chance ma cherie, show ’em Parisians what you’ve got!!!

  2. Devon Aoki is back again!! Bonne Chance Charlene.. show ’em Parisians what you’ve got!

  3. Charlene is wow so beautifull!! You are the shining star for all the world to see and admire.

  4. I’m actually disappointed with Milan castings and how it was done, few Asians are felt on the runway and 3 days now no sign of Charlene or Liu Wen but looking forward to what Paris might offer!

  5. Alessandra Ambrosio @Paris FW? After Prada she ll walk @ Paris FW too? Balenciaga, Dior, Givenchy?

  6. Milan is unapologetically, like Calvin Klein, not a firm believer in diversity on the runway. Historically, models of color always had a bigger presence in Paris and New York. Some things, like skinny models and temper tantrums like Naomi’s, never change.

  7. That Juana girl is very cool and amazing on the catwalk. Saw her in NY & London FW. She is definitely one to watch. Love her!

  8. I think the breakout star will be Ming Xi. She did amazingly in London and quite decently in Milan..so I think Paris will love her as well.

    However I wish the stunning Fei Fei (truly stunning, such a beauty) to get some attention as well.

  9. Max: There are some asians on Milan’s runways but yes, definitely less than London or New York.

    At the moment leading is Ming Xi with 5 shows, Tao with 4, Liu Wen, Shu Pei, Danni Li & Fei Fei = 2 shows each.

  10. Whatever happens it’s ur faith to be everywhere n be known in d elite runway!

  11. chat you are the most beautiful and talented supermodel of all time!!! the world wants to see you keep lighting up the runways!! elite has their supastaaar!

  12. FND: Yes I agree, but still those were only a handful Asians and where is Lakshmi? She never walked in any shows too. Tao Okamoto basically captured NY Fashion Week since she did 19 shows! Milan is a tough one to breakout for Asians, all I see on the runways are “Caucasians” and Latinas/Blacks. When will PRADA have an Asian breakout star? I doubt it will never happen.

  13. Francisco and Miuccia differ in a lotsa things but when it comes to preference in models, they share the same taste. “Caucasians only please and just so the industry doesn’t think we’re complete racists, a token model of color or two”…….go their instructions to their casting directors.

  14. ehh hehhh hehh!!!!!!!! CHARLENE!!!!!!!!!! YOURRR A GHOSTTT/////

    JOKE””he he he he…..CO’Z YOU CAN EASILY TRANSFORM,,,HUMAN TRANSFORMER”’ha ha ha, goodluck sweetie and god bless mhuahhh,,,

  15. The Burga girl looks so promising. She kept her NY clients from last season specially Rodarte. Weird she skipped Milan but hope to see her rock the runway in Paris.