Sarah/Supreme. Polaroid courtesy of Supreme
The new season is off to a roaring start, especially for Supreme Management which seems to be bursting at the seams with some particularly tight new models. With YSL face (and MDC covergirl) Julia Stegner and Gucci girl (as well as impending MDC cover) Nadine Willis in town for their first NY season it’s sure to be a booking bonanza. But keep an eye out for even newer commodity, like Chanel couture catwalker (and former MOTW) Heather Marks as well as supherb newcomers like Jaunel, Amanda, Heidi, Ludmila, Vala, Karen, Mariya, Marga and Nicole. Sarah especially grabbed our eyes at MDC because you must love a girl with the taste to dash around in fishnet stockings and a schoolgirl style plaid skirt. That’s inspirational!

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