See What the Models Are Wearing After Marc Jacobs’ Triumphant Return

With his last runway show staged before quarantine, Marc Jacobs’ return to the live stage carried more weight than his beloved oversized proportions. With an all-new creative team (this show marked the first time for Alastair McKimm, Jimmy Paul, and DM Casting) and the biggest debut list New York has seen in a while, we needed to get re-familiar with the faces that should be on everyone’s radar. Melodie Jeng gets in on the street-style action for and be sure to check out the Marc Jacobs’ Debut list to meet the new faces of note.


Stevie Marie

Selena Forrest

Noah Carlos

Noah Carlos and Jordan Daniels

May Hong

Mammina Aker, Stevie Marie and Valentine

Jordan Daniels

India Sampson

Imaan Hammam

Dee Glover

Dee Glover

Cristina Piccone

Anok Yai


After Marc Jacobs

After Marc Jacobs

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