For Father’s Day, These Model Favorites Are Focusing on Teaching Life Lessons

Chad White with son, Levi

Falling midway through a year that has so far experienced huge social, political, and cultural change, the significance of Father’s Day in 2020 is about a lot more than breakfast in bed and which pair of socks to buy dad. With such upheaval in the world, asked some of the most prevalent faces in male modeling with young families about their perspective on fatherhood and parenting children through trying times.

How has the recent turmoil around the world had an effect or impact on you as a father?

Chad White: This turmoil has taught me to live in the moment with my son now more than ever because clearly, tomorrow is not guaranteed. To teach him to be a leader and stand for what’s right. To teach him to stand with those who are discriminated against. I will encourage him to speak up against bullies of all sorts. I will encourage him to blossom into whoever he wants to be. This turmoil just makes me want to teach him to love and fully appreciate life and all its blessings.

Adonis Bosso: The inequalities that have recently been brought to light have always been part of my reality. Being an African man there is a constant fight to make the world a better place for our people. As a father my duty is not only to better the world for my son, it is also to ensure that he has the knowledge and the necessary tools to navigate and leave a positive mark in the world. I want my son to know self-respect and self-worth. Above all I want him to love and protect his sisters and uplift his brothers. We are raising the adults of the future we must raise them in love, not in fear.

Philip Huang and wife Chomwan, with Aree, Calla, and Calden, for

Philip Huang: I’m actually quite grateful for the time I have with the kids these days. They’re growing up so fast and I know these moments will not last long until they start making plans and living their own lives. It has been a wonderful time to bond, understand them more, and watch them grow and develop into little people. I hope to guide them to be strong individuals who are empowered to make a difference in this world.

George Okeny: For me seeing the world unrest is such a difficult thing, I can’t believe for as long as we humans have been around we can’t seem to love each other still. On top of what seems like a racial war we have COVID 19, people are worried about the wrong things.

As a black father to my amazing son Zola, I look into his eyes and he loves everyone, he taught me how to love and be strong. It hurts me knowing there are some people that are going to judge us just because of the color of our skin, or we both can lose our life for being black as America has continued to show us. I still have hope and will continue to be strong and protest for his future and mine.

Dae and wife Bora with Praise and Bethel.

Dae Na: Well Covid-19 quarantine made me realize that my day to day lifestyle was called “quarantine”. We’re used to staying home together so it didn’t really affect our daily routine. However, as a father and as the only one providing for the family it has been a tough few months for me financially and mentally but slowly and gradually getting better. While staying home it was helpful to set aside some time while the kids were napping to take a walk outside and plan for the future. Like continue taking acting classes which I started just before the pandemic and other ideas like starting a business with my wife who has worked as a fashion designer before she went full-time stay at home mom. Overall it has been a tough and challenging time for me and my family as it was for everyone else globally but it also left us with quality time to reflect and plan for future which we may not have done sooner if it wasn’t for such time and circumstances.

Armando Cabral: To sum up the last three months, there’s no shortage of negatives from which to draw. We are living in unprecedented times before our eyes. For me, there is one way that I want to look at the recent events – with positive eyes. Starting with the pandemic, it caught us all off guard, and immediately we had to adapt to a new way of living, working, and protecting each other as a whole. If there is one lesson we can draw from this pandemic is that the pandemic should be a wake-up call that our wellbeing is closely tied to one another. It’s reviling human vulnerabilities while showing the importance of unity. We all have a part to plan – being responsible.

As for the protests over the killing of George Floyd and the racial injustice around the world, it was a matter of time until people came together to say enough is enough. Racism, isn’t just an American problem, is the world’s problem. It’s visible everywhere, especially in our fashion industry. Society as a whole has an opportunity to rediscover the basic values of humanity and the bonds that connect us all. We now have it in our hands to lay the foundation for a better world, the world I want to see for my children. I am hopeful, and I strongly believe all of this will lead to action and accountability that will bring about equality for all.

Brian Shimansky: Conflict, turmoil, and disease have never left this world. God willing, I will love, support, and protect her with all my heart.