Neiman Marcus bankruptcy rumors, AMASS selling prints for relief, Pictures For Elmhurst raises over $1M and more of the news you missed

Neiman Marcus Bankruptcy Rumors
It has furloughed approximately 14,000 employees and closed all 73 stores during the coronavirus pandemic, and now major American department store Neiman Marcus is rumoredly on the verge of filing for bankruptcy. Credit ratings firm Standard & Poor have relegated Neiman Marcus’ credit to “junk status” after the retailer missed crucial loan repayments last week on its $4.8 billion debt, stating that the chances of the company experiencing a financial turnaround are “increasingly low.” Known for paying generous day rates and covering the cost of travel, the Dallas-based retail giant–which also owns Bergdorf Goodman and luxury e-commerce site MyTheresa–has long been a highly favored client amongst US model agencies. [Reuters]

AMASS Selling Artist Prints to Support Healthcare Workers
Formed by photographers Christian Weber and Zach Gold, is selling prints donated by artists such as Fabien Baron, Mick Rock and Barnaby Roper. Each print costs $95 USD and 100% of profits go to the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, which supports New York’s frontline health care workers. []

Relief for Garment Workers and the #PayUp Campaign
In light of the economic devastation currently unfolding within the textile manufacturing industry, a website has been established to support the fundraising and advocacy campaigns by an international array of charitable organizations such as the Clean Clothes Campaign, International Labor Rights Forum, the Garment Worker Center in Los Angeles, Asia Floor Wage Alliance, and ReMake. In addition to bringing attention to the plight of garment workers, the website is using #PayUp as a hashtag campaign to name and shame brands who have made no commitment to pay for completed orders or orders currently in production. [Garment Workers Covid Relief]

Pictures For Elmhurst Ends Sale, Raises $1.3 Million For Hospital
Pictures For Elmhurst ended their print sale on Monday which featured work from 187 artists and directly benefitted Elmhurst Hospital in Queens. The sale raised $1,380,000 for the hospital. “Lives will be saved and staff will be protected and supported through this work.” says the hospital. Well done. [PFE]

Course Of Trade & Malia Mills Creating Gowns for Frontline Healthcare Workers
Course of Trade and American swimwear brand Malia Mills have partnered with the New York Economic Development Corporation in order to turn their production studio into a mini-factory capable of making 4,000 medical gowns per week. Libby Mattern from Course of Trade will also oversee six other South Brooklyn-based factories–The Fashion Poet, That’s My Girl, MCM, Mudo, The Wedding Dresser and Custom Sewing Services–to produce an additional 60,000 gowns per week. [Malia Mills]

A Sad Ending for Peter Beard
The family of iconic photographer Peter Beard has confirmed that he has been found deceased. Last seen on March 30th walking near his home in Montauk, NY, Beard was 82 and suffering from dementia. Highly influential and infamous for his film star good looks, colorful personal life and risk-taking, adventurous spirit, Beard was also known for his generosity and considerable charisma. According to police, a hunter discovered his remains over the weekend in a remote area of a state park in Long Island. In a statement, his family said: “He died where he lived: in nature.”