IMG F/W 10 Show Package

If you’re the market leader …the defining force so to speak… how do you manage to stay on top? That is the challenge IMG faces every show season and it chooses to answer that challenge by investing in the principle of quality control to the nth degree. Quality control on the model selection and severe quality control on the imaging of the board are clearly displayed in this FW 10 package. Designed and illustrated by Jo Ratcliffe, this season’s box adds a flourish of expressive illustration on top of the classic matte black packaging . But what lies inside the box is the real revelation and though you can very well expect to see the IMG stars like Lara, Sasha, Freja and Heidi in the highest catwalk rotation brace yourself to thoroughly investigate the New face offerings this season

Without fail, every season that New Faces board at IMG delivers a sensation and of the current grouping (already highlighted by Jak and Frida) emerging forces like Barbara di Creddo, Indimaria, Tilda, Nina, Cordelia and Daria Z are going to be closely watched for those Calvin/Prada-MiuMiu/Balenciaga/Givenchy exclusives. Those girls are in a position that bodes well because whereas sustained success often triggers complacency at some companies at IMG there is no clearly room for mediocrity. Ambition is relentless and the market leader shows no sign of relinquishing their standards this season.

  1. Wow IMG ” New Faces ” are Absolutely Incredible. Fresh, Vibrant,and Current. These ” Beauties ” are set to hit the runway. What a great selection of young ladies to choose from.

    Love: Jac, Frida, Tilda, Daria just outstanding group of girls so many that grab my attention.


  3. omg! love emma <3

    and frida, lol, they keep her height at 5’11. isn’t she 6’1 now?

  4. tilda is absolutely stunnig!!!!!!
    i vote for her!!!
    im sure everything will turn out fine for her!!!!
    shes terrific!

  5. IMG Women are Dynamite each and every girl is flawless and just breathe taking. So many amazing girls to choose from ” Casting Agents ” will have a tough time making a selection.

    Way to go IMG keep up the good work and momentum. ” So Amazing if I must say “

  6. oh come on!where is LILY D?
    she hasnt showcard that means she would not walk NY?

  7. I think this season IMG is solid. I ADORE the New Faces esp. Frida, Daria & Indiamara. Also love Anabela, Aminata, Sasha & Freja! So many stars @ IMG it’s unbelievable! I think watch out for Joan Smalls esp. since her Givenchy Couture exclusive. F/W 10 is gonna be exciting.. haha

  8. Vanessa my Love! I hope to see her everywhere and these Showcards are terrific!

  9. Whoa whoa whoa whoa, where is the stunning Julia Hafstrom? And Lily Donaldson? And almost half of the other amazing development girls? I love IMG’s board, but seriously , if they can’t handle all eligible girls in their show package, they just have too many girls!

    Still, Sharon is just beautiful and Frida looks iconic. What’s up with Katya P, looks a bit strange.

  10. J’die for Ajak, People please don’t sleep on this black girl. Long, thin,and amazing lines. She is exotic but very pretty also. I see major bookings for this African beauty

  11. nina is my absolutely favorite!!
    she has sutch a beautiful bone structure!
    i like her

  12. Glad to see Austria…however no sign of Chantel Lee. I wonder how much “development” actually goes into these new girls? They’re there one season and gone the next.

  13. Andreea Diaconu has a showcard !
    She will rock this season alongside Jac Frida Tilda( the swedish power) !!
    Love Love LOVE HER!!

  14. Cards are great but I have to agree with 50ROCK. Where are the other great development girls? You have TOO many that are not getting attention. Have you taken the development out of development.
    Get rid of your weakest link.

  15. love everyone my favorite is Frida, Sasha and Marina

  16. Lara and Sasha are my faves but sad to say they are only meant for camera work because they can’t walk at all. But still my faves in the IMG score card.

  17. love love and some more loves. I can’t say any thing wrong about the beauties in this package. IMG rules
    over all the other agencies. Women model management are in second place.

  18. Joan is just so fierce and confident!Joan looks ready to rule the fashion world, cong.