Ajak Electrifies!

Ajak. IMG. Picture Kristen B for MDC

Keep an eye on IMG’s stealth force, Ajak, a girl who stormed through her casting with fabulous personal style and stalked her casting catwalk like a model ready to bathe in the spotlight. And there are major things brewing for her. Stay tuned!

[flashvideo filename=https://i.models.com/oftheminute/images/2010/02/sequence-1a1.mov image=https://i.models.com/oftheminute/images/2010/02/ajak.jpg width=600 height=450 controlbar=over bufferlength=5 /]

  1. She’s gorgeous but of all the strong featured black girls with short hair, I keep comparing them to Alek and there is no one better than her.

  2. nice! love her body,she has one! and i also love that she is tall or appears to be. Very Very Cute!!!

  3. She’s definitely model potential, but I wish some black models were classy and elegant looking for a change. I mean yes there are strong features, but soft futures likes Naomi would be good too.

  4. Ajak is fresh young and just brilliant! she is one of the sweetest models out there on the market today. Her innocents and charm is so appealing. And her legs are beyond amazing. Yes her walk is fierce also.
    Love Ajak!!! We need more models out there like you.

    Ajak via Australia et Sudan

  5. @iwillbethere

    What a stupidly offensive comment. This girl is beautiful to anyone with an un-biased eye. Who decided “soft features” equal classy and elegant? And for the record Naomi Campbell is a beautiful and striking because of her strong features.

  6. well to be honest we have loads of black girls with “soft features ” that are elegent aka naomi campbell looks…just a few names: Jourdan dunn, chanel iman, arlenis, lyndsey scott, sedena, r’el etc etc…and also other girls coming up, who are not on that level yet… so that comment is not necessary…just keep your eyes open….

    I am also happy there are strong featured girls like Ajak also roaming around the high level fashion bizz…we need diversity…also within the black beauty scene ;-)

    love to all.

  7. Mateo,
    While you may not have verbalized it in the most eloquent and sensitive manner I do understand what you are saying. Do we really need ANOTHER Alek/Ajuma/Atong/Ajak/ETC ? Why not just book them instead of breaking ANOTHER nearly identical new face? It is completely nonsensical. There is such a BROAD range of Black beauty on this planet and instead of showcasing it the same face with a different name is trotted out season after season. The answer to that is so the bigoted fashion powers-that-be who continue to deny many Black models a lengthy career can justify continuing to only use 1 or 2 Black models at a time.
    Unfortunately there seems to be a concerted effort to continue to deny a FULL integration of the fashion industry and this looks to be one of the ploys that is being used to accomplish it.
    Ajak is beautiful and it is unfortunate that she is in essence a pawn in this game. She will be discarded after 3 or 4 (if she is lucky) seasons; denied the opportunity to cultivate a long and successful career and another look-a-like will replace her. A victim of the soulless, messy and racist fashion establishment.

  8. I 100% agree with Bond007, it is the same with White models too. The industry always picks the same looking models. It is never something new, and when it is they are discarded after a while.

  9. This pic looks good it could be a campaign ad…. She looks versatile and came at the right time…. I miss ALEK on the runway, but She looks like she carry on the beauty tradition of rare African beauties… Muito Muito gostosas! muito adoras… She can be a long distance if her agency market in both direction Main/mass everything in between. vamos moca!

  10. I would to girl who looks that or similar from my country Brazil…. We have them… I would to love see a dark beauty from Brazil representing….

  11. Oh stop bickering you lovely children, when it comes down to it, Ajak’s a beautiful and refreshing model who I really hope becomes huge. I love Alek, but I think she’s even better! Go Ajak! It would melt my heart if Calvin Klein or Prada or Givenchy use her >.<

  12. @iwillbethere

    what are you talking about? This model has soft features and a nice lean figure at that. I wish people stop stereotyping black models by comparing them to other successful black model’s looks. This model is stunning and I hope to see alot more from her in the near future!

  13. She got this “stankness” when she walks, like she doesn’t GAF what anyone thinks. I like this girl already…

  14. omg I actually saw her the day she was wearing that fur coat. I saw her on the L train in NYC on Union Square.

  15. Round face and no eye lids, walk staunch and rigid,have seen her on a few runways and think she looks awkward and moody,