One of the strongest lineups in recent years for the Fusion Models men’s board has the attention of all the savvy casting directors in town. With designer favorites Matvey Lykov,Joseph Culp and Courtney leading the way, a new generation of unique beauty has landed at the boutique shop. Paul Boche, Albert Krarup and Berthold Rothas who enjoyed jam-packed Milan/Paris seasons have that inimitable look that makes this destination a must call for all the directional designers.

01 Matvey Lykov
Matvey Lykov
01  Paul Boche
Paul Boche
02 Albert Krarup
Albert Krarup
03 Berthold Rothas
Berthold Rothas

04 Joseph Culp
Joseph Culp
05 Vincent Banic
Vincent Banic
06 Florian
07 James Sorrentino
James Sorrentino
08 Randy Lebeau
Randy Lebeau
09 Eric Bell
Eric Bell
10 Thomas Hassler
Thomas Hassler
11 Jimmy Young
Jimmy Young
12 Courtney Taylor
Courtney Taylor
13 Ned Shatzer
Ned Shatzer
Mens Show
Mens Show

  1. where is alex goldson, suprised he isnt included in the show package. he still may be young but definatly one to watch especially since the contributing editor he shot with jeneil.

  2. Liz, alex is with fusion, he is still in development but being sent out to meet casting directors for shows….

  3. eric bell! AMAAAZING, thomas hassler too… best of luck, great package..

  4. Matvey better work!!! I think he is the guy that has done the most shows all around this season…..he is amazing!

  5. …I do go along with the statement made on the introduction when it picks out and brands Paul Boche as a “unique” beauty. Totally.
    I also feel that Vincent Banic stands out from the group. There’s is personality and character there, not just “well placed” features.
    But is Eric Bell the one that crowns my favour.
    He’s face is extreme…flawless…disturbingly beautiful.