1. weirdness…. will supreme ever send out a straightforward package where we can really see their girls?

  2. D: did my comment just get deleted….
    well whatever i said it once and i will say it again!

  3. i dont know, it doesnt do much for me. it would be nice to see the supreme girls in a show package like the woman board does. that package seems like its about the girls whereas this seems more like a vanity project for paul rowland. in the end its always about the girls right?

  4. where is Kate Kosushkina? (the girl who closed Prada last season. am very surprised that she is not in this package, nevertheless amazing package

  5. Whoa…i dont really get this comment:

    “weirdness…. will supreme ever send out a straightforward package where we can really see their girls?”

    Thanks but…I’m pretty sure you can see a close up of their face, plus a full body shot where you can see their incredible frames, followed by their exact measurements….am i crazy? or is this just a very evocative way to “really see their girls”….someone needs to check themselves….:s maybe a bit. :-D

  6. Hate over complicated comp cards . as a producer I want to see natural Polaroids, no weird gimmicks.

  7. this show pack is just annoying. I want to see the girls, not overly contrasted images where the girls look like ghosts. I agree with the last comment, no weird gimmicks please!

  8. These showcards are beautiful, the industry need something different and Supreme def pushes the limits. Hanne and Alana’s cards are my favourites. I cant wait to see what the new girls will do, im sure some great shows or exclusives are in store for them. Ty is my favourite new face, she will be a black horse this season, im sure of it. great job Paul!!!

  9. I agree ^^^^^ supreme show packages always get a reaction, some good some bad and thats the point. they exceed boundaries. Im interested in seeing how Maddie does, i think she’ll get an great exclusive. Reina nothing special to be honest, especially in her package, very dull. I think Ty is one to watch, she will have a great season im sure of it!!

  10. Really guys every season its the same dull haters comments, when will you understand that Paul Rowland / Supreme are selling an brand / image, one that their models are happy to be apart of. Paul has every right to do this he has broken boundaries of beauty in his career as a top level agent with the vast level of girls he has brought into this business, the same ones you haters go gaga about. Anyone knows that an casting director worth their salt will call in a girl to meet from the top agencies regardless of whether they had a bag on their heads on their show cards. What Paul is doing is making his girls more exciting and more talked about than any others.


  11. Ok so I am not usually one to comment but what the heck. Where has this Industry gone from presenting the clean palette of a beautiful model for the creators of fashion ( Designers,Photographers,Creative directors/Hair/Hakeup and Stylists)to invision their application to role out their own transformations? We now are watching our models lumped together and used in Agency branding that has deluded the core of our success as an Industry. Get back to basics and lets start producing individual talent for their branding success before its all gone.

  12. Old School, maybe if the industry had more vision agencies wouldnt have to brand their girls in the first place… just a thought.

  13. I dont see why everyone, every year has a problem with Supreme’s showpackages. Get over it, they do the things that will shock you. and the comments you leave is the reason they do it, they leave u with something to talk about. nevertheless, the models this year (as always) look very supreme, they stand out from other girls and have talent to say the least. Excited to see what Amanda (such a relaxed almost distant look), Maddie (def not standard model, kinda awkward), Antonella (different and intriguing look) and Ty (very aristocratic face, gives me an Alana feel and they’re both canadian ha!) will do this season, i sense great things for them! im sure Hanne and Iris will do good, as expected.
    where is Flo or Kate!? are they not doing the season?? anyways great package supreme, as alway a masterpiece by Mr Rowland and everyone that helped.

  14. No kate!?!?! is she still doing the season, anyone know?? love the package, beautiful job Paul. Maddi & Ty are by farrrrr my favourite new faces (from any agency for that matter) Cant wait to see what they do!! exciting season it will be

  15. cant discutt Mr. Rowland works! he is a visionary….. everyone’s good doing the Next pack.

  16. Love Ty’s and Amanda’s look, wish them the best the season, i see big things ahead for them. Interesting show package, stands out from the rest and thats what supreme is based on, so everyone stop complaining. dont like , dont mind it. not made for everyone to love.

  17. doesn’t matter because Supreme girls speak for themselves. And Paul can obvs do no wrong. He’s ahead of y’all.

  18. I admire what Supreme stands for.. I hope great things happen for Katharina, Ursula, Amanda, Antonella & Reina. As usual, <3 Tao (!), Hanne & Rose. Thanks Paul for Supreme!

  19. Not really feeling these cards. The artwork is beautiful but seems a bit out of place with their girls. Love all the girls at Supreme and I even know one of them but I would never pair their girls with something so soft and romantic.