1. Adrian Bosh
    Andreas Nhor
    Anthon Wellsjo
    Christopher Landais
    Felix Schopgens etc.
    Sooo gorgeous
    Felix Schopgens

  2. Vlad Ivanov is a favorite. He’s real handsome and has such an innocent smile that could get him away with murder. I wish him nothing but the best in his career. Too cute for school.

  3. they have some strong guys, but they have the worst selection of ethnic guys

    stop being stingy with the packages.. throw them all up

  4. why didnt u guys mention wendell he’s one of the top guys at ford homme without a question

  5. i do appreciate Mathias Lauridsen’s performaces,really fabulous and amazing~
    and happy birthday today Mathias~

  6. Aiden- Really love the way he can look so different from his Ford Homme comp card to his Why Not comp card. Great.

  7. Andrey Zakharov!

    Loved him at Dsquared! There’ll be a lovely niche developing for him shortly.

    And of course Zakaria is like my favorite new guy.