Juan Alvear’s nail sculptures are impossible to miss in Rosalía’s manicure-forward music video

Juan Alvear, also known by his handle @nailsbyjuan.nyc, creates work that by nature is not meant to subtle. In fact, his surreal sculptural nail creations always add a touch of over the top––it’s one of the reasons Alvear has a growing fan base even with those who may have never before found themselves interested in a manicure motivated feed before (Plus, Models.com once paired his work with Sandy Liang‘s designs). When emerging Catalan pop star Rosalía dropped her latest music video for her song “Aute Cuture” and an array of colorful and exaggerated manicures filled each frame, it was a telltale sign the New York City-based nail artist had been tapped to leave his mark on the video by directors Bradley and Pablo. Of course, it was all extra. Watch the full music video below.

Courtesy of @nailsbyjuan.nyc