1. @ Jamie: LOL Obama who? Fashion (the industry) & Fashion (the agency) has gone all white this season. I was going to do my usual pushing and screaming to send one or two black guys this season but I too tired. Not to be all doom an gloom….I’m pretty excited about my Frey Mudd. He’s a very cool white boy and soon to be very major!!!

  2. Milan was awash with black boys last season. Let’s see if it will become the norm or was just a one off post Obama illusion.

  3. My own particular “Aces” from above, in no particular order:
    Davide Rossi, James Hampson, Leonardo Marques and Neti Lapidot. Top Notch.
    That’s called “Diversed Eclecticism”!

  4. To the Fashion Industry with Love(Milan,New York,Paris):

    When does it stop? Why are certain people allowed to practice blatant racism with out being judged? Is ethnic beauty so stunning that its down right intimidating? Or are certain people just privileged to hate and discriminate? As a white male even I can admit how amazing ethnic beauty truly is. (From the skin to the lips to the perfect bodies.)What are you waiting for…

  5. Why this shit could relate to Obama ? Political views better not equal to fashion ,this is unfair to both aspects .