AirDrops from Models! Tess McMillan edition

AirDrops from models is back, more drops than ever before. Red-headed, Marc Jacobs beauty Tess McMillan came all the way from Austin, Texas in order to conquer whatever bookings come her way. That, she did––and is, making fans along the way. A British Vogue spread or a Re-Edition editorial are the hard-earned fruits of her labor. A student at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts nothing can stop this laid-back leading lady. She came by the office on a cold day and we got chummy enough for Tess to send us some pictures from her candid collection. Accept!

Tess’ Instagram is @tess_mcmillan. Visit her profile and click or tap the heart icon to favorite Tess and keep track of her work.

Blue Tess, Christmas Tree

Tess, Pink Wall

Tess, Big Head

Rose Daniels, Attitude Problem

A Lewk

Friend in Pink Wig

Rose Daniels, Smile on Hot Dog

Photobooth, Pony

Tess, Bangs

Missing One Shoe

Dog with All Shoes

Man Wears Beanie Properly

Tess, Selfie

Tess and Friend in Red

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