This copper-tressed babe just blipped on the radar, here’s what we found out about Schiaparelli’s new girl

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Schiaparelli assembled a cast of aristocratic beauties for its Spring Summer ’18 couture show. Amongst them was Marseille-native Margo Millien who, with a little help from the soft-hued, diaphanous dress she wore and her copper tresses, was able to cast a spell for those paying even the littlest of attention. She’s fit to be a full-on showstopper, just as soon as the serene dream finishes high school. Judging by her look she won’t be wide-eyed and green for long once she takes modeling on full time. Something else, though–Margo has been diabetic since she was 5 years old. “I can’t avoid those associated responsibilities. It could be worse so I feel lucky in a certain way,” she says. She’s already turning her adversity into ambition, “I really want to make it and show that you can always succeed even when you are different; you just need to want it deeply. My goal is become a role model and inspire people who thing that being different makes things more difficult.” What’s more one of Margo’s drives is to donate earnings to children’s charities, to do that she name drops career goals like Dior, Chanel, Off White and, especially, Saint Laurent. There’s definitely more to come for Margo!

Margo is at M MANAGEMENT

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