Daily Duo: Lee



A strikingly handsome new face at the menswear shows this week is Lee, a Chinese boy who is already proving to be a firm favourite of Mr Armani. Discovered after winning a model contest in China, Lee is now with d’men in Milan. So far he’s walked for designers such as Costume National and Emporio Armani. Incredible eyes, incredible cheekbones, incredible body, and an incredible walk all equals male model perfection.


Full Name:
Lee (Zhen Li)

188cm / 6′2″

Place of Origin:
Shang Dong, China

Date of Birth:
May 21


Mother Agency:
Paras Talent Management

d’management group


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  • evr


  • M

    That bone structure is amazing.

  • kennedy

    amazing. the future.

  • matsu

    Not really cup of my tea but he’s so spectacularly unique! wow never see model like this before!

  • adrian

    come to san francisco, we got asians like that all up in the mofo!…i see one walk at my school every day and i just wanna get him to model!!!! gahh!…asians can make for some awesome male models sometimes

  • Ali

    At last not the same generic euro model. I really like his face structure, v.high cheekbones. His images are good too.

  • refined and elegant and unique.
    want more. he is great.

  • wendy


  • Brahim tattoo

    Spectacular, unique, go on sending this type of new models. Thanks a lot for such a gift.!!!!!

  • WOW, he’s perfect! O_O
    He looks great from every angle it seems.

  • He’s incredible. What an amazing face.


    Finally, the new face of male modeling. Absolute Perfection. Amazing cheekbones, eyes, face, hair, body…. EVERYTHING. I wouldn’t mind having babies with him ;)

  • Amazing Chinese boy belongs to Paras Talent Management (www.paras.com.cn) .It was his first time to show up in International Fashion Week and got Costume National,Les Homees,Giorgio Armani,Emporio Armani,Z Zegna,Roccobaroco shows/// the opening model of Emporio Armani. If contact him,please email to booking@paras.com.cn

  • alessafan

    His bone structure is quite impressive!! Not quite my favorite look, but he’s definitely unique

  • KC

    so cute. so hot.

  • Samanta

    I love asian guys!! i am obsessed with asians! <3
    he has so much potential!

  • Small eyes.. But nice bone structure