Daily Duo: Rebeca



Young stunner Rebeca is a girl on the grow – her lush, sensuous gorgeousness has plenty of time to mature. Already working well in the lucrative European markets, Rebeca will have lots of experience when the right time comes to break onto the scene in NY, Paris and Milan. With a look that’s both commercially and editorially viable, and just a little reminiscent of Laetitia Casta, we will follow Rebeca’s progress with interest.


Full Name:
Rebeca Csonka

173cm / 5′8″
84 cm / 33″
60 cm / 23.5″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:
Zalaegerszeg, Hungary

Date of Birth:
July 29


Mother Agency:
Art Models



2pm Model Management

Dominique Models

Next Company

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  • bunda

    WOWWWWWW not the tallest but one of the best faces I have seen here, like how she can smize and controll her body.. didn`t she look like a mix of Anna B and Hana Nitschke???

  • aaaa

    i can convince all the designer or people in all fashion industry this is the perfect amazing stunning wonderful beautiful fierce MODEL!!!!!

  • erika

    Really stunning!

  • Kat

    She looks like Irina Shayk and Adriana Lima in few of the images…She has everything to be a Victoria’s Secret model.

  • Great Face

  • Ankit Michael Samuel

    Sweet … :) Gorgeous…

  • Ankit Michael Samuel

    Wow.. Green eyes.. Cool :)

  • Amazing! I wish you well,and great success.x

  • I feel like I could walk into her in the local wholefoods or on line at the next Knicks game…so personable and “real”. Love her facial structure as well!


  • NEX

    what a lovely face with sexy lips! she will be a great model, indeed.

  • caroline

    She is so perfect. love her look

  • Santiago

    Just one word: Gorgeous

  • I don’t know why when I see her I think of a younger Cindy Crawford, maybe its just some of the shots. She is very beautiful and I hope she does go far,


  • Olli-Pekka

    Totally amazing beauty! :)

  • Yasmin

    What’s up with all the short models recently??
    However, she’s beautiful but for my taste a little too “normal taste” beautiful…
    In my eyes, she doesn’t really stand out.

  • miguel

    Very exuberant and sensual, but so fragile.

  • goz

    I actually love that she’s 5’8”. Absolutely flawless..

  • Slig cute

    She something good

  • a great look here!

  • Damion rochester

    Wow! She is great!

  • Disman

    Perfect for Victoria’s Secret fashion show, she’s gorgeous!

  • Like her face !!!

  • Chrishell

    She is lovely, but her eyes look blue/grey not green. :)

  • casy

    soory but 1.73 is not short , she is on the cutting edge….but how young is she? she looks at least 19…

  • A little short for the “typical” model, but beautiful nonetheless. :)


  • Francesco

    Embora bem mais comercial do que fashion, tem futuro no mundinho da moda, enxergo para ele um posto de VS angel no PINK segment, espero n estar errado!

  • bewty

    she looks like Cheryl Cole
    beautiful eyes

  • oskar

    she looks like a mix of bambi with lips like anais pouloit.!!

  • HH

    I immediately liked her from the 1st pic!But too beautiful sometimes can be boring IMO..she have to be more creative,I think

  • Samanta

    just stunnins amazing girl! she is awesome at all points!

  • hammy

    Perfect face!!!

  • della

    looks like bambi and elisa senedoui (sp?)

  • Mimi

    She’s so beautiful. :)

  • pri

    very beautiful girl! very commercial too, mix of bambi and elisa sed. :)

  • notatall

    I’m a girl and I fell in love with her. so perfect, amazing

  • sascha

    stunning & beautiful

  • sajjad


  • sajjad