Giedre Dukauskaite



Pasado A La Vista
Harper's Bazaar Spain (Editorial)
published: June 2016
photographer: Zoltan Tombor
Elle Italia (Editorial)
published: June 2016
photographer: David Burton
Soft Power: Protagonist’s Fluid and Femi...
The Line (Editorial)
published: February 2016
Conceal/Reveal: Layering Outside the Lin...
The Line (Editorial)
published: January 2016
photographer: Charlotte Wales


Natural Beauty
Ladies Magazine (Editorial)
published: December 2015
photographer: Alexia Silvagni
Der Kleine Schwarze
Harper's Bazaar Germany (Editorial)
published: December 2015
photographer: Stefan Zschernitz
Midtown Tempo
Harper's Bazaar China (Editorial)
published: October 2015
photographer: Jason Kim
Havana Days
Marie Claire Magazine U.S. (Editorial)
published: September 2015
photographer: Takay
Busy Doing Nothing
Unconditional Magazine (Editorial)
season: Fall/Winter 2015
photographer: Matthew Sprout
American Beauty
Grazia Germany (Editorial)
published: September 2015