Posted by | November 29th, 2023

The Graduates


For over a decade,’s The Graduates series has been a visual check-in with the models of the moment who have consistently performed at the highest levels, going from the rising newcomers on the Hot List to the Top 50 recognizable muses throughout the world. Names like Bella Hadid, Hoyeon, Vittoria Ceretti, and Sora Choi, to name a few, have all taken part of the milestone series that uniquely marks the shift in a model’s career. With major bookings in editorials, advertisements, lookbooks, and on the runway, these models have consistently locked down luxury clients in the most competitive markets while continuing to dominate on the global stage.

Shot in Paris during the madness of fashion week by photographer Mauricio Sierra, this year’s cast gets introspective with on their starts, the brands that have made their careers, and taking their place amongst an elite few.

Photography and film Mauricio Sierra
Editor-in-Chief Stephan Moskovic
Interviewer Irene Ojo-Felix
Stylist Christian Stroble
Hair Stylist Eric Williams
Makeup Artist Yacine Diallo
Production John Willment-Knowles and Lucía Cano at ArkHaus (Mexico City)
Post Production Caffeine Post
Camera Assistant Lucas Grisinelli
Stylist Assistant Niki Ravari
Hair Assistant Erin Klassen
Location Studio Hauteville, Paris

In the realm of high fashion, few models possess the enigmatic allure and androgynous gamine looks quite like Top 50 model Tanya Churbanova. With her dark, ethereal beauty, Churbanova has captured the fashion world’s imagination with her striking features and demure, understated charm. Despite rising to international stardom, she remains a shy and mysterious figure, intriguing fans and industry insiders alike. Her journey into the fashion world was far from typical, as she initially rebuffed offers to step into the industry. However, when her mother agency, Number Management, reached out, she found herself at a crossroads upon graduating from school, craving new opportunities beyond the familiar. Reflecting on her origins, Tanya shares, “The moment the Number team contacted me, I just graduated from school, and I didn’t know what to do next. I didn’t want to stay in my city that I knew, and I was open to new opportunities, which is why we signed a contract, and here we are today.” Her runway journey began with a seismic impact when she made her exclusive debut at Prada, a coveted moment that marked the beginning of continued support from the Milanese brand and her meteoric rise to top model status.

Shirt – Helmut Lang from Paume Archive | Pants – Ann Demeulemeester from Paume Archive | Earring – Lag World
“I just graduated from school, and I didn’t know what to do next. I didn’t want to stay in my city that I knew, and I was open to new opportunities, which is why we signed a contract, and here we are today.”
Jacket and pants – Ann Demeulemeester from Paume Archive | Earring – Lag World<
Tanya’s appeal extends far beyond the runway, as she has become a favorite of top clients in the fashion industry. Her ability to embody different style personas has landed her coveted campaigns and lookbooks for prestigious names such as Saint Laurent, Blumarine, Sportmax, and Acne Studios. Despite her remarkable accomplishments, Tanya remains humble and faithful to herself, candidly expressing, “I’m very grateful for everything that has happened to me over the last few years in the fashion industry. However, I’m one of those models that is not so much into fashion,” she explains. “I feel very comfortable to work with some creatives, and it makes me happy to see them every time on set, but I don’t take working with them as an achievement; it just happened, and I did my best at work in everything I do.” As she continues to make waves in the fashion world, Tanya Churbanova’s refreshing outlook and undeniable talent make her a model to watch in the ever-evolving landscape of high fashion.