Posted by Irene Ojo-Felix | September 13th, 2015


Tensions have been high with the recent viral coverage of police brutality throughout the nation and label, Pyer Moss focused on that energy for its Spring 2016 collection. The emerging label titled this collection “Ota, Meet Saartjie”, aligning its mood for the season with the voyeurism that plagued their unnerving stories. The show began with a 12 minute video featuring scenes of police using excessive force, interwoven with interviews from the victims’ family members for an introspective view of what is left behind after the viral attention dies down. Bodies on display was what designer, Kerby Jean-Raymond, wanted to highlight and along with his familiar menswear athletic motifs he debuted a full womenswear line that was seamlessly incorporated with its male counterpart. Utilitarian clothes were the canvas for artist, Gregory Siff, who spray-painted numerous designs on clothes as the rigid models walked. With classic sportswear references of perforated jackets and tracksuits, criss-crossed asymmetrical panelling, and white construction boots ablaze with the chilling phrase “I can’t breathe” Jean-Raymond unabashedly displayed his pieces in a thoughtful way that didn’t take away from their wearability. In an industry that so often keeps away from controversial topics, the Pyer Moss collection aligned a profound message with clothing that showed the evolution of this up-and-coming designer’s modern aesthetic.

See our behind-the-scenes footage of the collection below.

Photos and video by Casey Vange
Fashion Correspondant: William Graper for
Text by Irene Ojo-Felix

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