Posted by Irene Ojo-Felix | August 28th, 2018

Pep Gay On the Beauty of Flaws
We’re conditioned to buy and consume products in the chase of perfection and rarely does advertised beauty celebrate flaws instead of masking them. But what if it did? For the second part of contributing beauty editor Pep Gay’s series, the makeup artist asks the question and creatively gives his uncanny answer with engaging effect. With a macro vantage point, photographer Pawel Pysz gets up close into the nooks and crannies of models Betty Adewole, Georgia Moot, Gia Tang and Jennifer Koch to see all the vivid details, imperfect or otherwise. In this latest MDX original, peel back the layers of these trompe-l’œil diptychs where the frame is just as important as the picture. presents Contributing Beauty Editor Pep Gay in a series of creative and behind the scenes takes on the beauty industry

Photography – Pawel Pysz for
Creative Direction & Makeup – Pep Gay
Styling – Thomas Davis
Hair – Stephen Low
Set Design – Annette Masterman
Manicure – Maria McKenna
Casting – Svea Greichgauer
Models – Betty Adewole, Georgia Moot, Jennifer Koch, Gia Tang, Pixie Knot, and Drew Gregory.

Special thanks to DTouch London

Editors – Stephan Moskovic and Irene Ojo-Felix

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  1. Olgaluna says:

    I realy enjoy to watch this Jobs. Its very entresting for us a Photography and model understend how People feel this life, planet. What they enjoy and want to show for us. Thanks for this art exhibition. I realy enjoy

  2. Desiree says:


  3. Peter says:

    See understanding..what about moot meet us this mark on got it somebody over there just remembered..peter scott