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#IndustryNow The cycles of social media impel us to embrace then move on from trends and discourses faster than ever before. The life span of a single work––an editorial, a campaign, a show, a stint––is shorter for it. Fashion’s only unconditional term is the future: operating a year ahead, after all. So, in an industry where change and relevancy are the full stops at the end of every sentence, wanted to highlight individuals who add permanence to the community–some at their start and some at their top. Photographer Ben Hassett gets up close and personal for with the creative forces often behind the scenes. They are the Industry, Now.

There is a misnomer that to be a fashion editor or content creator is to be part of a make-believe machine, churning out fantasy for the consumer to buy into. It is, in fact, more the opposite. Who else will make sense of fashion’s umpteen collections every season and, in turn, visualize the reality they live in. The best stylists then, be it in the pages of a glossy or on a social media feed, are employed to discern fact from fiction, sometimes bridging a few leaps of logic. So is the case with Jorden Bickham, who developed the Vogue Video voice, and stands as a current contributing fashion editor to American Vogue and an in-demand stylist. Through her work she has used both print and digital platforms to articulate her distinct, understandable and versatile vision to the masses. Bickham’s medium is not just clothes, but perception as well and her swath of work has mobilized talents like Gordon Von Steiner, Charlotte Wales, Pat McGrath, Cass Bird and clients like Michael Kors, Estée Lauder, and Lane Bryant. All in service of style.

What’s your favorite part of the process?
My favorite part is the process of collaboration and the people and teams that I meet and work with along the way. I also love watching videos be consumed in real-time by an audience. The analytics of how people consume and digest digital media is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. There is truly nothing more satisfying than watching people look at your content in real-time.

What was the turning point in your career?
August 2013. Sally Singer came back to Vogue to relaunch and I became pregnant with my son, Max. With Sally, we developed the voice for through digital storytelling, during the years after, Vogue Video was born. I am forever grateful for the chances she took on me and the space she gave me to make mistakes and develop my own style. The birth of my son brought me a great perspective on life and also taught me to look at life (and style!) through the lens of a child who takes great risks and is totally unafraid to be himself.

What has allowed you to stay true to a personal vision as the industry trials ways to adapt to modern challenges?
I think that we are lucky to be working in a time where the world around us values authorship and individuality. I have been successful because of this.

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