Posted by Stephan Moskovic | June 18th, 2019

In Discussion With:
Carlos Nazario

With a new appointment as global fashion director of i-D Magazine, stylist Carlos Nazario’s mounting advance to the upper tiers of the industry comes with little surprise––the Puerto Rican, New York-born, college-drop-out has been steadily unfurling this moment since his start as an assistant to Joe McKenna when Nazario was working for Love Magazine at the age of 20. His refreshing grasp of culture and its interplay with what one wears has made him one of the most exciting voices working today. For this reason, Nazario is a sought after source of modernity by image-makers, publication and designers from photographers like Collier Schorr and Tyler Mitchell to magazines like i-D and American Vogue and to brands like Proenza Schouler and Lanvin. As the latest sit-down in our interview series “In Discussion With” in partnership with Ford Models, Carlos Nazario discusses his own career and cultivating change in the new era of fashion.

A & Ford Models (New York) co-production

Interview / Christopher Michael
Editors / Stephan Moskovic & Christopher Michael
Directed by Ashton Do & Shayan Asadi
Associate Editors / Irene Ojo-Felix & Steven Yatsko
Special Thanks to Michelle Hu
Text / Steven Yatsko

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