Posted by Stephan Moskovic | February 18th, 2020

Emma Wyman

Emma Wyman, the newly appointed fashion director of Dazed and Dazed Beauty has organically risen through the ranks of fashion’s favorite indie magazine. Originally from Venice Beach, Wyman took a study-abroad course at the prestigious Central St. Martin’s that turned long-term, interning in the trenches before securing an assistant position with then Dazed fashion director, Karen Langley. It seems life has come full circle as she now holds the same position at the culture-driven magazine as it evolved to rolling out bi-monthly releases, continuing to support young talent and the best strategy for an ever-evolving digital landscape. Prior to her promotion, her life’s work, centered in realism and attitude, has appeared in publications like Another, The Gentlewoman, and Re-Edition Magazine as she’s collaborated with many of the biggest names in the new establishment of fashion photography. In the newest interview series “Unscripted” co-produced in collaboration with The Society Management, we discuss Wyman’s start in the business, how she balances between New York and London and the beauty of making it up as she goes along.

A & The Society Management (New York) Production

Interview / Christopher Michael
Editors / Stephan Moskovic & Irene Ojo-Felix
Directed by Shayan Asadi
Location The Equinox Hotel

Text / Irene Ojo-Felix

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