Posted by Irene Ojo-Felix | January 4th, 2024

How Skateboarding Led To Evan Mock’s Biggest Break

Skateboarder, actor, and model Evan Mock has been brimming with energy since he was a toddler, with a forward trajectory attracted toward what might scare most. Born on the North Shore of Oahu, his father put him on his first surfboard when he was two years old before he knew how to swim. Venturing into skateboarding during his preteen years, Mock’s passion swiftly transitioned from a hobby to a career, prompting a move to Los Angeles to pursue it professionally. “The first time you really get hurt skating is when you realize if you’re going to continue skating or if you’re just going to quit,” he explains, and his fearless approach to mastering new challenges is evident in his emerging businesses and every twist and turn on the pavement.

When his ambitions led him eastward to New York City, his deep-rooted love for fashion became a gateway to building a sartorially powered world on his terms – in the past five years, he’s pulled off runway appearances walking for Louis Vuitton, campaigns with Calvin Klein, his clothing line, Wahine, as well as Allure’s 2023 Best of Beauty recognition for his clean, genderless, skincare line, Good Weird. His recurring stint on HBO’s Gossip Girl cemented his constant pursuit of leveling up creatively, as Mock immersed himself fully in the process of a new challenge. During a rare quiet moment, sat down with Mock at The Standard in his usual neighborhood of East Village to discuss how essential it is to pay homage to Hawaii, life lessons learned from skateboarding, and his unwavering commitment to constant evolution.

Editor in Chief: Stephan Moskovic
Cover Image: Betty Sze
Managing Editor and Interviewer: Irene Ojo-Felix
Director & Edit: Alex Greenberg
Location: The Standard, East Village
Special thanks to Kendall Werts at The Jeffries

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