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The Last Magazine

August 2020 (Editorial)
Photographer: Sacha Maric
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Aryeh Lappin
Hair Stylist: Yohey Nakatsuka
Makeup Artist: Yui Ishibashi
Photographer: Ryan Brabazon
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Joseph Episcopo
Makeup Artist: Eric Polito
March 2020 (Editorial)
March 2020 (Editorial)
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Ruth Higginbotham
Hair Stylist: Yoshitaka Miyazaki
Makeup Artist: Amy Wright
Casting Director: Amy Lowles
January 2020 (Editorial)
Photographer: Drew Escriva
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Karolyn Pho
Makeup Artist: Jamie Greenberg
January 2020 (Editorial)
Photographer: Zoltan Tombor
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Carolina Orrico
Hair Stylist: Jerome Cultrera
November 2019 (Editorial)
Photographer: Whitney Hayes
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Julie Brooke Williams
Hair Stylist: Nathan Rosenkranz
October 2019 (Editorial)
Photographer: Gregory Harris
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Katelyn Gray
Hair Stylist: Braydon Nelson
October 2019 (Editorial)
Photographer: Oumayma B. Tanfous
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Noah Diaz
Hair Stylist: Kiyonori Sudo
Makeup Artist: Linda Gradin
October 2019 (Editorial)
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Angelina Lepper
Hair Stylist: Valerio Sēstito
Makeup Artist: Rachid Tahar