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macbook is a place for talent discovery and professional production. is the leading interactive fashion database connecting the world to models, creative talent, magazines, and luxury and commercial brands. With 1.1 million unique visits per month, the site stands as an essential tool to attribute credit and source new talent.

Not just for model buffs. From conceptualization to every stage of production, and its comprehensive data-backed network is the fashion industry's only and most indispensable tool for filling in any and all creative blanks.

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You'll be joining pretty much everyone who is anyone: Alongside the 25,000+ professionals listed in our database, the members of the community attribute credit to the work produced by every facet of the fashion industry. Our 1.1 million monthly users - the models, agencies, clients, creatives and enthusiasts - utilise, power and harness the potential of the only editorial, campaign and runway show database in existence.

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Navigate through the work and credits of over 25,000 professionals in the community. Behind the pages, 6,000+ of the artists & models manage and update themselves.


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With over 3,000+ active users from verified brands or magazines searching for talent, is the go-to casting and creative talent reference for fashion clients.


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Over 600 listed modeling and artist agencies and their 3,000+ users continually keep up to date, manage their talent's credits, and discover new talent using ProSearch.


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Credit where credit's due.

Empowering the fashion community, has a longstanding reputation of being the leader in discerning information. With continually updated content from 10,000+ contributors, it is our core belief that attributing credits from vetted sources creates an essential resource and reliable reference.


Fashion's most pro tool gets pro-er.


See who works with who.

Navigate a complex knowledgebase of credits like a pro, search by relationship to discover talent based on who they have worked with in the past - helping you find the perfect caliber of talent.


Create unlimited Lists.

Take the List the pro level: Organize artists and models into an unlimited number of Lists and view a custom newsfeed of their latest work.


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Never miss an important update. Get instant or daily notifications when people you have saved to your Lists get tagged in new work.

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  • View up to 50 pages/month of someone's work history.
  • Create custom lists of people (Up to 3 lists, with up to 20 people per list max).
  • Customize news on the homepage based on your favorites.
  • Use the new ProSearch to find specific types of talent: models, stylists, photographers and more (some advanced filters require a Pro membership)
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Top Features
  • View unlimited pages of someone's work history.
  • Search for talent based on who they have worked with.
  • Access to the 'People Tab' to see a list of who works with who.
  • Create unlimited custom lists of people.
  • Receive email notifications when new work is added for people on your list.

*$20 a month for individuals. Agency or team rates available upon request.

IMPORTANT: Upgrading your membership does not create a page for you in the database as an artist or model. These pages are made on an invitation-only basis based on career accomplishments, longevity and industry influence.

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Group and team plans are available for talent agencies and companies.

Appear as representation on artist or model pages, manage your talent's pages and get credited as an agency or company in work. Plus, we'll throw in Pro memberships for your entire team, giving your whole office access to powerful production and creative tools.

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