W Magazine

The New Guard Fashion's Rising Stars

client: W Magazine
source: timhowardmanagement.com
published: April 2013

Credits for this picture:

Emma Summerton (Photographer)

Sarah Richardson (Fashion Editor/Stylist)

Duffy (Hair Stylist)

Mathias van Hooff (Makeup Artist)

Belinda Foord (Producer)

Other people in this editorial:

J.W. Anderson - Designer

Joseph Altuzarra - Designer

Caroline Newell - Fashion Editor/Stylist

Melanie Huynh - Fashion Editor/Stylist

Vanessa Traina - Fashion Editor/Stylist

Tomo Jidai - Hair Stylist

Yannick D'Is - Hair Stylist

Anmari Botha - Model

Georgia Hilmer - Model

Manon Leloup - Model

Molly Smith - Model

Rosie Tapner - Model

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