The Allure of Male Beauty

client: Portrait
source: MatthewLyn.com
published: February 2013

In this picture:

Travis Cannata

Credits for this picture:

Matthew Lyn (Photographer)

Rafael Estrella Dunn (Hair Stylist)

Other people in this work:

Aiden Andrews - Model

Alexander Johansson - Model

Benjamin Eidem - Model

Daniel Bamdad - Model

Douglas Neitzke - Model

Jake Shortall - Model

Jesse Shannon - Model

Joe Collier - Model

Kristoffer Hasslevall - Model

Logan Macrae - Model

Marc Frick - Model

Matt Clunan - Model

Nicola Wincenc - Model

Ryan Bertroche - Model

Victor Norlander - Model

Willy Cartier - Model

Yuri Pleskun - Model

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